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Pickleball FAQ

•  How can I learn to play Pickleball?

For info about beginners, intermediate, and advanced clinics or lessons please contact us.

Is there Open Play/Drop-in play at Muni? 

Muni Operating Hours:

Every Day 8:30AM - 7:15PM: Open Play on all courts (See exception below).


Muni Operating Hours/Play Schedule


Gates open daily at 8:00 AM

Play begins daily at 8:30 AM

Gates close at 7:30PM


 Two Pickleball courts will be available to reserve 7 days a week from 12pm-5pm.

(Rental instructions below)


Players interested in renting a court may do so online
@ CityofSantaBarbara.PerfectMind.Com using the following guidelines:
Two Pickleball courts will be available to reserve 7 days a week from 12pm-5pm. Court rental fee is $15 per hour.

All other times are considered open play.


Is there a fee to use the courts? 

Yes, $5 per day or an annual pass may be purchased from the Parks & Recreation Department beginning July 1st, 2022.


Here is the link to purchase a pass:


How can I find out about Muni closures, upcoming tournaments, and other important information? 

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Muni Pickleball Court Etiquette & Open Play Guidelines - What To Expect When You Visit

Be Kind! Pickleball is a social game and all levels are welcome during Open Play hours.
Please help dry courts during wet weather! Rather than take over a court that players have spent time drying, pay it ahead and assist by drying a court for others.
Introduce yourself to players you may not have met (before the game starts).
Before serving the ball, please announce the score loudly and clearly for both teams to hear.
Singles matches, practice, drills, instruction, private round-robins, or ladders are prohibited if others are waiting to use courts. Anyone playing singles must allow two additional players to challenge during Open Play hours.
Players interested in joining OPEN PLAY should find a court where the level of play matches their ability.
Enter the court between points, and wait on the bench until the current game ends.
Players waiting on the bench rotate in and players on court rotate out after each game to 11 (win by 2).
Players may not refuse to allow others to rotate in based on perceived skill level or for any other reason.
ONE player waiting: the winning team stays for the next game; waiting player rotates in.
TWO players waiting: the winning team stays for the next game; the losing team vacates the court (or wait on the bench for the next game); waiting challengers come on to play.  
THREE or FOUR players waiting: an equal number of players from the prior game vacate the court at the conclusion of the game; waiting players come on to play. When players are waiting, winners of two consecutive games must sit out one game, or move to another court.


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