September 2021 Newsletter

In This Month's Newsletter:

  • Muni Operating Hours & Play Schedule
  • Congrats To Winners & Recent Tournament Participants
  • October 2021 Pickleball Tournament at Muni
  • October 2021 Tournament Volunteers Needed
  • October 2021 Tournament Referees Needed
  • Lessons/Clinics Instructors Directory
  • New Pickleball Book - '100 Benefits From Playing Pickleball'
  • Discount Coupon Codes for Clothing, Paddles, Balls, & Accessories.
  • Links to Group Website & Facebook Pages

Muni Operating Hours & Play Schedule:

Daily 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM (Gates open at 8:00 AM)

Every Day 8:30AM - 12:30PM : Open Play on courts 1-8; Reserved Play on courts 9-12.

Every Day 12:30PM - 7PM: Reserved Play on courts 1-12.

Link to Signup Genius Reservations

Health Guidelines at Muni
It is highly recommended that all players at Muni be vaccinated prior to play. Let's protect each other!
Masks now required in any of the restrooms.

In Case of Emergency - AED Unit on Site

Parks & Recreation Department has acquired an AED unit (Automated External Defribillator) in the event a player has heart failure on premises at Muni. In case of such an emergency, please see the gate monitor who will deliver the AED unit where needed. Parks & Recreation will be putting a sign up on the courts with further details.

Daily Use Fees at Muni
$5 Per day or
Annual Permits - On sale from the Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation Department's website as of July 1st. Please note that last year's permits expired on 7/04/21. To purchase a new permit, please follow these directions:
  • Visit
  • Select Membership
  • Select Pickleball Membership
  • Add to cart and insert credit card info
  • Take a picture of the screen with your phone after your payment has been accepted. This will serve as your temporary pass. The gate monitor will be handing out passes once processed.

Open Play Guidelines

Open Play Guidelines & Court Etiquette:

All players are welcome to join in with any group on any court. Players waiting cannot be excluded based on skill level.

Please, no drilling or lessons on Open Play courts during Open Play hours.

Singles players must allow challengers to join in for doubles play if requested.

Remember, Good sportsmanship is the rule....
Yes, we love the game, but it is only a game... Respect all players!

Congrats To Winners & Tournament Participants

Congrats to all our local players who participated and won medals at the recent tournaments! Please visit our Facebook Page to see them!

The 2021 American Riviera Classic of Santa Barbara Tournament

When: Friday 10/29/21 - Sunday 10/31/21
Where: Muni
Mixed Doubles - Limited Availability!
Men's Doubles - Limited Availability!
Women's Doubles - Limited Availability!

Please contact Gigi Guerra at (805) 217-5761 or

Click here for tournament details: 2021 American Riviera Classic of Santa Barbara'

The 2021 American Riviera Classic of Santa Barbara Tournament' - Volunteers & Referees

Volunteers Needed - Please help to make this year's tournament a success! If you can assist and would like more details on how (even if only available for an hour or two), please contact Richard Salzberg via email at

Referees Needed - Learn how to be a referee! Refs will receive cash for every match and also eligible to receive great prizes!

Please contact: Craig Crawshaw at or Dave Styler at

To prepare for the upcoming America Riviera Classic Pickleball Tournament at Santa Barbara's Municipal Courts, referee clinics will be held on September 11th and October 2nd. 

These clinics will be for new referees to learn how to ref and for previous refs to get a refresher on how to ref. We are hoping to have sufficient refs to cover each of the hundreds of matches that will be played over the course of the three day tournament.

YES - you can play in our tournament and still be a ref. We will schedule you for the times that you are not playing. YES - you can be a ref for just one or two of the tournament days. But we do hope you will sign up to help for as many of the three days of the tournament as you can. YES - you can be a ref at our tournament without coming to a clinic - IF you have referee experience in previous sanctioned pickleball tournaments. Attending a clinic will help others be better and a refresher for you.

Lessons/Clinics and Instructor Directory

For info about beginners, intermediate, and advanced clinics or lessons please contact:

Dave Wilcox - (805) 637-8668
Tracy Wilcox - (805) 637-8667
Eui Oh - (949) 981-1464
Amanda Oh - (949) 981-8016
Dan Friedman - (818) 665-6178

New Pickleball Book - '100 Benefits From Playing Pickleball'

Our very own, Meganne Forbes has just completed her second book about Pickleball!

Support our group whenever shopping on Amazon (No cost to you!)

Just use this link: Amazon Smile

Discount Coupon Codes

Need a new paddle, balls or Pickleball accessories?
´╗┐Pickleball Central is offering a 5% discount on purchases (plus another 5% donation goes to our group court improvement fund).

Total Pickleball has 'Everything Pickleball' and offers 15% off purchases to our group.

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Use these codes when checking out:

Pickleball Central: CRSBP

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Santa Barbara Pickleball Website

Check out our group website here:

Santa Barbara Pickleball Facebook Page:
Please feel free to email any suggestions or comments to
Richard Salzberg
USAPA Ambassador - Santa Barbara

Pickleball Quote of The Month
"Peace * Love * Pickleball"