May 2023 Newsletter
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  • 2023 American Riviera Classic Pickleball Tournament - Almost Sold Out! A Few Spots Still Available. See Link Below For Details
  • Muni Open Play Hours, Closures & Court Rental Information
  • Updated Pickleball Hours at The YMCA
  • Discount Coupon Codes for Clothing, Paddles, Balls, & Accessories
  • Lost & Found Box
  • Tennis/Pickleball Sneaker Upcycling & Recycling Program - Update
  • Used Paddles Donations
  • Lessons/Clinics & Instructors Directory
  • Links to Group Website & Facebook Pages
2023 American Riviera Classic Pickleball Tournament -
Benefiting Children's Charities

Whether playing or not, stop by the Muni Tournament May 19, 20, 21!

Players and non-players will have a fun time shopping on Courts 1 and 2. 'Santa Barbara Pickleball Shop' will have a mini-store with paddles and other Pickleball accessories, and 'Santa Barbara Happy' will have a booth with beautiful Pickleball apparel.

Massage therapists will also be on site for part of the tournament. Parking will be a challenge (Carpool, Uber, bike if you can), but it’s just a short walk from the street! 

Watch matches and hang out with your Pickleball friends!

A few spots left & waitlist:

Muni Operating Hours/Play Schedule

Gates open daily at 8:00 AM
Play begins daily at 8:00 AM

Every Day 8:00AM - Sunset: Open Play on all courts except for closures noted below:
All Pickleball courts are closed on May 19,20,21 for the American Riviera Tournament.

Pickleball courts 10,11,12 closed from 2:00PM - 5:00PM on May 26th for a private event.

All Pickleball courts closed every Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday between 5:30PM - 7:00PM for league play through May 22nd.
How To Rent a Court at Muni

  • Courts may be rented a maximum 14 days in advance.
  • Two Pickleball courts (courts 10 & 12), will be available to reserve 7 days a week from 12pm-5pm. Court rental fee is $15 per hour. All other times are considered open play.
  • Courts must be rented a minimum 2 days in advance. No last minute rentals accepted.
  • Players may rent a court here:

Comments, concerns or questions should be emailed to Sports@SantaBarbaraCa.Gov 

There is a $5 Daily Use Fee for visiting players who do not hold an annual pass.

Gates Close at Sunset!

Please begin exiting the courts by then to ensure that your car doesn't get locked inside.

Muni Pickleball Court Etiquette & Open Play Guidelines
Click here to see
Note that the Santa Barbara YMCA has updated Pickleball hours:

Tuesday & Thursday - 8:00AM-1:00 PM
Friday - 5:00-9:00 PM
Saturday - 8:00AM - 12:00PM
Sunday - 11:00AM - 1:00PM

Monday/Wed/Fri Mornings - No Pickleball Due To Basketball

Please email Gus Rendon ASAP at for more information in regard to upcoming group clinics.

Discount Coupon Codes

Need a new paddle, balls or Pickleball accessories?

Shop locally!

Check out the new 'Santa Barbara Happy Pickleball Apparel' click here:
Visit the new Santa Barbara Pickleball Shop
on 835 N Milpas Street, Santa Barbara, CA.
Mention the Salzberg/Muni Pickleball Discount and get 10% off your purchase!

Website for the store is under construction and will be complete soon. Check it out here

Pickleball Central is also offering a 5% discount on
purchases (plus another 5% donation goes to our group court improvement fund).

Use Discount Code: "CRSBP"

Total Pickleball has 'Everything Pickleball' and offers 15% off purchases to our group.

Use Discount Code: "Sbpicklebal"

Lost & Found Box

*Please be kind and help your court-mates get back lost items!

Do not remove found items from the premises!

Note that the big blue Lost & Found Box is located outside Pickleball court #1. When leaving the court after play, please look around. If you see anything left behind, please kindly put it in the box. Be advised that the Parks & Recreation Department cannot be held responsible for unrecovered lost or stolen items. Valuable items (such as jewelry) should be turned in to the Parks & Recreation monitor.

*Note: Items that have not been retrieved within a reasonable amount of time will be disposed of.

Tennis/Pickleball Sneaker Upcycling & Recycling Program

'Tennis/Pickleball Sneaker Upcycling Program' Lightly used shoes will be donated to those in need.

'Tennis/Sneaker Recycling Program'
Worn out shoes will be recycled in order to keep them out of landfills.

There's a blue bin (outside Pickleball Court #1). Please drop your used Tennis/Pickleball sneakers in the box inside.

Used Paddles Donations

Various schools have requested paddle donations for their PE Departments. If you have a paddle to donate (in playable condition), please call/text Richard at (805)680-1408
I will get them to those in need!

Clinics at Muni

Three Day Pickleball Clinics are currently available for all skill levels. For more info please contact:

Lessons & Instructor Directory

For lessons please contact:

Shannon Minne - (805) 708-2264

Santa Barbara Pickleball Website

Check out our group website here:

Santa Barbara Pickleball Facebook Page:

Please feel free to email any suggestions or comments to:

Richard Salzberg
USAPA Ambassador - Santa Barbara

Pickleball Quote of The Month

“No player is a stranger on the court. We all belong to one big Pickleball community”