April 2021 Newsletter
In This Month's Newsletter:

  • Muni & Goleta (GVCC) Operating Hours & Fees
  • Upcoming Tournaments at GVCC & Muni
  • Lessons/Clinics Info/Instructor Directory
  • Court Reservations/Find Players - Quick Links
  • Discount Coupon Codes for Clothing, Paddles, Balls, & Accessories.
  • Pickleball Book by Meganne Forbes
  • Links to Group Website & Facebook Pages
  • Updated Parks & Recreation Department Rules

Muni Operating Hours & Fees:

Muni Hours: Daily 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM (Gates open at 8:00 AM)

Daily Use Fee: $5
Pro-rated Annual Permits Available Here: Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation Department

GVCC Operating Hours & Fees:

Daily 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM (Please wrap up your games by 7:45 PM as lights turn off at 8:00 PM)

Daily Use Fee: $2
GVCC Annual Permits Available Here: GVCC Annual Permits

Upcoming Tournaments At GVCC & Muni

'The Santa Barbara Thank Goodness For 2021 Tournament'
When: Friday 4/30/21 - Monday 5/3/21
Where: GVCC
Availability: Limited, sign up ASAP!

'The 2021 American Riviera Classic of Santa Barbara Tournament'

When: Friday 10/29/21 - Sunday 10/31/21
Where: Muni
Availability: Limited, sign up ASAP!

Lessons/Clinics and Instructor Directory

For info about beginners, intermediate, and advanced clinics or lessons please contact:

Dave Wilcox - (805) 637-8668
Tracy Wilcox - (805) 637-8667
Natalie Collins-Smith - (805) 610-4085
Eui Oh - (949) 981-1464
Amanda Oh - (949) 981-8016

Finding Group Teammates - Quick Links

Great News! You can now find teammates in Santa Barbara AND Goleta on the Playtime Scheduler site. This is the best way to network with other players and to find games at your skill level. This is also a FREE service for players (and all skill levels). Register today (link below).

Note: It is recommended that the person who reserves a Court on Signup Genius be the one who sets up the game session on Playtime Scheduler.

Note: Signup Genius (Reservations) and Playtime Scheduler (Finding Teammates) systems do not interact. It's recommended that a court be secured on Signup Genius before putting a team together on Playtime Scheduler.

Quick Links:

Click below to make court reservations:

*Signup Genius - Muni
*Signup Genius - Goleta (GVCC)
Find Teammates:

*Please note that the highest demand for courts at both Muni & GVCC is between 8:30 AM and 11:30 AM. Although the Signup Genius roster is full every day, those players who are unable to use the courts are forgetting to cancel in advance.

Effective immediately: At least one player in your group must arrive within 15 minutes of the reserved hour. Monitors will begin keeping track of signup no-shows. Please remember to cancel/delete your reservation on Signup Genius if you cannot make it. Non-cancellations may lead to suspension of future reservation priviliges. To cancel, simply log in to Signup Genius or refer back to the link in your original court confirmation email. Delete the court by clicking on the X under your name.
Discount Coupon Codes

Need a new paddle, balls or Pickleball accessories?
Pickleball Central is offering a 5% discount on purchases (plus another 5% donation goes to our group court improvement fund).

Total Pickleball has 'Everything Pickleball' and offers 15% off purchases to our group (no donation to our group fund though).

Use these codes when checking out:

Pickleball Central: CRSBP

Total Pickleball: SBPicklebal
Local Muni player Rick Cipes has a new online pickleball clothing store. Use code "Ernie" to get 10% off on some great swag.

Inner Game of Pickleball: ERNIE
Santa Barbara Pickleball Website

Check out our group website here:

Santa Barbara Pickleball Facebook Page:

Goleta Pickleball Facebook Page:

NEW Pickleball Book by Meganne Forbes

Our very own Meganne Forbes has written an informative and entertaining new book entitled '365 Days of inspired Pickleball: Read this book and it will make you a better player...guaranteed!'
It's available now on Kindle for the low price of $3.99 or $10.00 for the paperback. She'll even autograph it if you see her on the courts😉

Get your copy here: 365-Days of Inspired Pickleball
Updated Parks & Recreation Department Rules

Please wear masks both on and off courts (including anywhere in the parking lot, along pathways, and inside restrooms). Masks required during doubles play till further notice. Masks not required for singles play. Maintain social distancing and avoid gathering in groups. Do not play Pickleball if you're feeling ill. Anyone contracting Covid19 should report it to the Parks & Recreation Department so that appropriate contact tracing measures can be taken. If you need to contact the Parks & Recreation Department, please email Payton Moore -

Please feel free to email any suggestions or comments to, or call/text (805) 680-1408.
Richard Salzberg
USAPA Ambassador - Santa Barbara

Pickleball Quote of The Month
"Life is a ball... Dink it"